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MPower Holistic Health Care system allows you to combine acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, skin care and nutrition for one cool low price - as low as $71 per session. You will also have access to cutting-edge electives such as personal training, Craniosacral therapy, reflexology and Polarity for the same low price. By removing the price barrier, we make it easy for you to experiment and combine different modalities so you can discover what combination is right for you. Optimal health is a discovery, not a definition.

Featured Therapies


Acupuncture is a thousand year old system of Chinese medicine that uses small thin disposable metal needles to stimulate or disperse points in the skin that lay along discovered bio-energetic pathways within the body. These pathways are said to have “Qi”, the body’s vital energy. The pathways are like rivers that flow through the body […]


Deep Tissue

This technique is characteristically deeper as it addresses connective tissue that binds and supports the skeletal system, such as tendons and ligaments. Deep Tissue is best used to address chronic pain patterns resulting from injury, surgery, bad posture and repetitive strain.


Featured Therapist

Ai Hua Lin

Ai is a New York State licensed massages therapist with a great talent for identifying a clients needs and addressing those issues during a session.   She is just too lazy to give us a bio. Submit your reviewName: Email: Review Title: Did the therapist access and address your treatment goals?: Did the session begin and […]


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Therapist Reviews

by Erik on MPower Bodywork
Thu Jan 17 2019 06:04:44 GMT-0500 (EST)

Nicholas is an excellent therapist. He understood my issues and injury and was very thoughtful in how he addressed them. He has a calm and healing energy. Highly recommend.

by Sarah on MPower Bodywork

Exactly what I asked for in terms of areas of focus and pressure, perfect and very helpful--thanks so much, Carlos!

by Jillian on MPower Bodywork

Maegan was phenomenal from our first meeting to when my session was over. I informed Maegan of the issues I was experiencing due to my job in hospitality. Throughout the session she was attentive to my body that made me a satisfied customer!

by Anonymous on MPower Bodywork

Nicholas was very efficient and attentive to my objectives. A great massage!

by Ian on MPower Bodywork


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