At Mpower we feel “Wellness” is an attitude and awareness of anyone who uses the messages from their bodies to manage their health and well-being.  Wellness is interactive, relational, and experiential. …

Mpower provides; nutritional counseling, yoga, personal training, acupuncture and of course massage.  We want you to experience each modality individually or in combination with others on a consistent basis so you can use them as tools to enhance and maintain your health and well-being. Nutritional counseling will educate you on food choices and supplements that will support your lifestyle and goals. Acupuncture will help uncover blockages and improve energy in the body. Yoga will help you develop awareness, connection, flexibility, and strength in your body, mind, and soul. All wellness practices are interrelated and help support each other. Massage invigorates your body while nutrition feeds it. Yoga moves your body while your awareness and breath nurtures it. Acupuncture reveals your body while the needles adjust it.

All Holistic therapies appeal to the dynamics of the whole body and its ability to heal itself and maintain a state of balance instead of dividing it into separate functioning parts. We celebrate and encourage your ability to take your wellness into your own hands and provide you with the opportunity to explore and find what’s right for you.