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Sound Massage


75 minutes $190

90 minutes $210

120 minutes $230

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A massage tailored for the patient’s individual needs. based on the health conditions and expectations, the massage therapist will present options integrating East and West Techniques. These options include combinations of: Thai, Tui Na, Shiatsu and/or Reflexology massages from Asia, as well as Swedish, Deep tissue and Heat massages from Europe and United States.

Each session includes the reading of the 7 chakras and the relaxation with Tibetan Bowls.

This integrated massage InSide may bring the following benefits:

  • Connect with the parasympathetic system
  • Increase circulation of blood and lymph system
  • Decrease high blood pressure
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Help with digestion
  • Draw toxins out of the body
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Warming relief to help easy tightness and knotted muscles
  • Realign muscles fibers
  • Break down adhesions and scare tissues
  • Leads to the muscle being able to move and stretch more easily
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Release stress obtaining a level of relaxation
  • Promote faster healing

Therapists Offering Sound Massage