Don’t Wait Until Your Pain Shows Up Again!

Grab Your Membership Now and Experience a New Quality of Life, Free From Lingering Pain, Disorienting Headaches, and Chronic Low Energy Levels.

Discover the M Power Bodywork Difference

A full range of massage and holistic therapies designed to:

Support A Busy Lifestyle

Support a busy lifestyle by preventing pain and injury

Enhance Your Ability

Enhance your body’s ability to move freely

Reduce Risk of Injury

Reduce risk of injury by eliminating muscle tension and imbalances

At MPower, we believe in the power of holistic care.

You’re Here Because:
You’re In Search of Freedom

Freedom from the lingering tension that gives you migraines at night.
Freedom from the joint and muscle pains that restrict your movement during the day.
Freedom from the silent injuries that are looming in your future.

You know the ones
I’m talking about…

That creeping neck pain that you can feel coming on after a few long work days.
Or that old hamstring injury that shows up suddenly after a day on the court.
Like it or not, the modern lifestyle is a lot less active and far more injury-prone than times in the past.
And without proper, proactive, holistic care, we’re pretty much doomed to live in cycles.

Tell me if this sounds a little like you?

You spend your days following a routine, mostly between home, work, and family
You’re reasonably active and try to take care of yourself, but things can get in the way
Eventually, you’ve skipped out on so many of your self-care routines, that you find yourself in pain
And booking an appointment with a massage therapist

You go through this at least a few times a year, probably with the same pains that keep showing up.

A membership at M Power Bodywork can help you break that cycle.

We’ll pair you up with a dedicated massage therapist who can learn your body and the signs and symptoms of an oncoming crisis — before it happens.

Nick is the best ever - I always feel 100% better after his massages and he is so attentive to the different areas I want to focus on. You can tell he knows what he’s doing at all times and I go once a week now!!

About Mpower

Mpower is created, cultivated by a Massage Therapist – Gregory Serdahl, practicing since 1989. He can match what person or modality might be right for you.

Gregory an owner and founder of Mpower Bodywork is a graduate of the Swedish Institute, 1989. In the 1990’s he created massage programs for Sports Training Institute, New York Football Giants, Crunch Fitness, New York Sports Club, Manhattan Athletic Club, Printing House Fitness. His personal clients included Arther Ashe, Katherine Hepburn, Ed Koch, Lawerence Taylor, Michael Strahan, Carole King, Edgar Bronfman Sr., Danny Meyer…to name a few.

He advanced his knowledge of Deep Tissue work in 2002, by studying with Dyal Singh Khalsa, in Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy which greatly influence Mr. Serdahl’s teaching and understanding of “contact” with connective tissue and energy. He since (2001) has studied and assisted with Franklyn Sills founder of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and has a preference these days for this modality.

His realization of years of practice is that the therapist is only a “midwife” for the bodies innate ability to heal itself and that the “health” at work in anyones system is far greater than any therapist’s overlay of exertion or technique.

Though Gregory is not on the electronic schedule he is available for appointments and are best requested at He also hires all of the therapist at Mpower and can speak to any practitioners ability and quality of touch should you need a recommendation.

You know the ones I’m talking about…

At M Power Bodymovementt, we’re committed to a single mission:

Helping you restore and maintain healthy energy levels, by minimizing your lingering muscle tension and minimizing your risk for injury.
Frankly speaking— very few of us manage our health well enough.
Making the time for self-care is a massive challenge in a world as chaotic as the one we live in today.
There’s a new fire to put out every morning, and hardly any opportunity for real rest.
This is why we’re 100% committed to delivering a professional, maximally relaxing, and therapeutic experience, every single time.
You’ll leave every single session fully refreshed, ready to go out and conquer the world or to return to the comfort of your home and enjoy the rest of your evening in comfortable silence.

What Makes M Power BodyMovement Your Go-to Healthcare Specialist

Our philosophy is simple:

Everybody is unique and requires a unique care protocol.
We navigate your uniqueness by pairing you up with a massage therapist who’ll work with you long-term.

By building a unique relationship your therapist will:

Be able to diagnose oncoming pain
Make individual recommendations particularly suited to you
Help you optimize your lifestyle habits to minimize pain and maximize energy levels

Which is why getting a membership is critical.

We’ve designed our memberships to make self-care a simple, soothing, and rejuvenating process.

By becoming a member, you’ll:

Get access to regular massage and holistic treatments specifically catered to your individual needs

Receive complimentary massage treatments every month up to XX minutes long

Get 40% off any additional treatments

15% off our entire selection of nutrition products to maximize health and vitality

Plus! You can gift extra or unused massage sessions to friends and family!
So everyone can benefit from your membership.

Quality of Touch

Touch spans the full range: deep, medium, lite, energetic. All levels of touch can healing as it invites a client into a co-creative process of discovering their own bodies.

Our therapists have good energy, the ability to discern different types of tissues, and are innately “curious” – demonstrating an ability to assess and address according to a clients individual needs.

Sounds good?

Here’s one final question for you…

Are you okay with the way things are now?
With bouncing between cycles of “just okay” and debilitating pain?
Or are you ready to take control of your health, in the easiest way possible, and start enjoying a higher quality of life?

If you are… Then

Membership Levels

Massage Essentials

Essentials PLAN

60 Minute Plan


Per Month

One 60 minute massage per month
40% off additional 60 minute massages
40% off giftcards for 60 minute massages
Unused massages roll over every month, up to 90 days after membership ends


Standard PLAN

75 Minute Plan


Per Month

One 75 minute massage per month
40% off additional 75 minute massages
40% off giftcards for 75 minute massages
Unused massages roll over every month, up to 90 days after membership ends

Premium PLAN

90 Minute Plan


Per Month

One 90 minute massage per month
40% off any additional massages
40% off any giftcards
Unused massages roll over every month, up to 90 days after membership ends

Family Membership Levels

Family Massage Essentials


60 Minute Plan


Per Month

Two 60 minute massages per month
40% off additional 60 minute massages
40% off giftcards for 60 minute massages
Unused massages roll over every month, up to 90 days after membership ends


90 Minute Plan


Per Month

Two 90 minute massages per month
40% off additional 60 minute massages
Sed aenean vulputate, nunc.
40% off giftcards for 60 minute massages
Unused massages roll over every month, up to 90 days after membership ends

What Others Are Saying...

I've had massages from many different therapists at MPower, and they're always great. The people here really know what they are doing.

As a first time customer I'm very appreciative of Sepali and what she's done to help my neck and shoulder tightness. The overall experience was also amazing, and I will definitely be returning!

Mariko is an amazing acupuncturist, a true healer! I’m so glad to have found her. She has a holistic approach and also takes the time to understand your immediate needs.

I highly recommend mpower and Gregory. He is so intuitive, strong and kind. You will leave felling so much better. Already looking forward to my next visit.

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