Massage Therapy for Winter Moods, Muscle and Joint Function

Studies have show that one in five people are impacted by seasonal change. As the daylight hours have grown shorter and the temperatures continue to drop, people often start to feel lethargic and depressed. Research shows that massage helps to improve mood and elevate energy levels and reset circadian rhythms, leading to better sleep and more energy.

It isn’t just mood affected by the winter months, it is your muscles and joints as well. When the barometric air pressure drops and the cold temperatures set in, it can have an impact on our joints and muscles — they tend to constrict and tighten. In addition, the factors of the winter months can lead to expansion of soft tissue around the joints. This can lead to pressure on the joints which causes pain. Some people may also experience muscle cramps and spasms. And, consider this; we bundle up – arms crossed, heads down to avoid the blowing wind or snow, keeping our bodies close and tight for warmth. Your own body mechanics in these colder months can cause muscle tension.

Massage therapy, stretching and helping to improve range of motion can reduce winter joint pain by relaxing the muscles, improving circulation, and lubricating the joints. It helps ensure that the muscle and soft tissue areas receive sufficient blood and oxygen. Improving lubrication of the joints makes movement less painful.

14 Day Reset Nutrition Program

The summer is over and before you know it the holidays will be upon us. Now is a great time to focus on getting your diet and nutritional needs on track. Mpower Bodywork’s in-house nutritionist Joy Busacca will get you well on your way with our 14 Day Reset Nutrition Program.

This program is designed to jumpstart your weight loss, increase your energy levels and fire up your metabolism as you create new healthy habits. It includes two private session with Joy where she will provide you with a nutritional road map, shopping lists, and tips for creating healthy meals, snacks, and great tasting shakes.

Like all great healers and health professionals should, Joy not only loves her work, but lives her work. She has had a love of health and nutrition since a young age. Her nutrition class in college captivated her even though she was pursuing other interests at the time. It wasn’t until she started having her own health issues that she decided to follow another course. What started as a quest to regain her health became a desire to help others in their path to health.

Joy has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In addition, she is board certified in Holistic Health.

The 14 Day Reset Nutrition Program is only $349.

You can purchase and sign up for the program by clicking here, or you can contact Joy directly with questions and for scheduling at or 646-688-5251.

If you sign up online, Joy will call you to set up your first appointment.