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75 minutes $192

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Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga.  The heart of Ayurveda’s secret is to restore the body through nutrition, herbal remedies and bodywork – this is Panchakarma.  This program is a powerful “reset’ and “cleanse” that is all done within a 10 day period.  The intake form is exhausting in detail and determines your body type – Pitta, Vata, or Kapha.  You body type then determines your diet trajectory, herbal remedy and type of bodywork over a 10 day period.  But don’t worry its only 7 sessions and  each will only last between 60-90 minutes. 

This package leads toward complete transformation.  – it reverses the impacts of aging, and prevents illness and puts you on neutral footing for charting your health for the entire year.

MPower’s Ayurvedic Program is run by Asif Ullah, trained in the arts tradition (link to he profile on mpower) of Ayurveda & Yoga . He coalesces his studies in Ayurvedic panchakarma (an ancient holistic reset program that combines bodywork with nutritional therapy and herbal medicine) with years of studies and practice in massage, nutrition, and herbal medicine.

There are two ways to pay!

Panchakarma Package $1344.00 (pay in full)
Panchakarma Membership – $224 a month 
in 6 months and during that 6 months period you will receive 40% member discounts for one hour regular (non Ayerveda) massage services. 

 – The 7 session Panchakarma (all done within 7-10 days) Package includes: 

 – Intake,constitutional assessment, and individually assigned treatment plan.

 – Nutrition session; – recipe development, pantry building; herbal medicines to start taking. 

 – Preparatory bodywork, to prepare body for 3 days of bodywork, can be done 7 days before the 3 days of bodywork. 

 – 3 session of specifically designed hands on Body work – should be done either successively within a 10 day period. 

 – Review of process and next steps. 

* Additional discounts do not apply to Ayurvedic treatments

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